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1965-71 Dodge truck step bumper

by kenny exline on 10/29/15

I purchased a 70 Dodge pickup bed a while back that some one had converted into a trailer, it was pretty beat up but it did have a step bumper on it like I have seen on several old dodges from the 60's.  It gave me the idea that I would like to have a step bumper on my 68 D100 since I use it for a shop truck and the smooth bumper is a little hard to stand on while climbing into the bed. I took some measurements and made some patterns to build a new bumper.

 I used 4" channel and 14 gauge diamond plate just like the original. The channel was a real challenge to bend but I was able to get it done and the finished product came out really nice. This is going to be one tough bumper! I have added these bumpers to the list of parts I will have for sale in the parts section. If you have the early style bed, 1961-65 and want a bumper like this, I would like to make them to fit those years also but I do not have an early bed to use for patterns. If you happen to live near south central Pa and want one of these bumpers contact me and i could possibly use your bed for patterns.

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1. johnny mack said on 1/8/16 - 03:45AM
Really like your work. I love those sweptlines Keep cranking out the metal. You've fans and owners of the old Dodges trucks a great service. I've got a 64' D-100 short bed small window and a 70 W-100 Powerewagon. The 64' could use a few of you panels. Just getting started on that project and I'm taking and inventory of what it needs both are runners however. All the best, Cheers, JR
2. kenny exline said on 2/13/16 - 08:25PM
thanks, let me know if I can help.
3. Steve Winters said on 12/6/16 - 04:25PM
Will you be making these and chrome plating them? I am a proud supporter of what you are doing...I have a 1970 D100 Sweptline and am thankful you took the time to make parts and pieces to help restore and make these old beauties road worthy once again!
4. Kenny Exline said on 12/6/16 - 07:33PM
I am making the step bumpers but i dont have plans to chrome plate them.
5. john holland said on 6/23/19 - 07:33PM
Hey man I bought a set of inner rocker panels a couple of years ago man they fit perfect I have a 69 it was a swept line but I like a step side better so that's what I put on mine I have an original back bumper for that swept line in really good shape do you make bumpers for stepsides I also have other original parts if you know anyone looking they can contact me at 601-770-0964 thanks keep up the awesome work it's really hard to find dodge parts

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