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1961-71 Dodge truck door mirror

by kenny exline on 02/13/16

I have just finished making new 1961-71 Dodge truck door mirror pedestals. If you have ever tried to find a set of originals you know how hard they are to find!  I made the first set in mild steel like the originals were then I made the next set in 304 stainless and polished them. So now you can have a nice set of mirrors and either paint them or  get a polished set and never have to worry about them rusting!

 You can find mirror heads at places like summit racing or ebay. There are many different sizes to chose from and any mirror head that mounts using a stud will work. The pedestal mounts with 3,  5/16" oval head Philips machine screws.


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1. luis chavez said on 10/13/17 - 10:40PM
hi how can I buy a complete pair of mirrors or where
2. Celine custom auto said on 10/16/17 - 07:28AM
I only make the mirror arms. I don't think anyone is making exact reproduction mirrors but some aftermarket ones are similar. summitracing.com has some that will work.
3. Robbie Langley said on 7/17/18 - 08:35AM
How much for a st of polished arms
4. Exline custom auto said on 7/23/18 - 04:54AM
You can find the mirror arms on this page. http://www.exlinecustomauto.com/custom-services.html#anchor_486

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