Frequently asked questions.  
Please try to find an answer here before calling. I am a one person operation and can not always get to the phone to answer it when I am working in the shop. 
1. When will the parts I want be in stock?
I can not give you a clear answer to that question. Sometimes it is a week and sometimes it is a year. I hand make all of the parts on this website and some of them take many hours to make.  I keep a list of customers that are interested in the out of stock parts  and whoever has been waiting the longest on the list gets the  first chance to buy a part once it is made.  If no one is waiting on the list then the part becomes available on the website. Sometimes the list for certain parts  is long. If you happen to be number 20 on that list and it takes me a complete day to make that part then it would be 20 days of work just making that one part 20 times to get to you. It also depends on how many of the people waiting in front of you actually buy the part once it is available. Sometimes only half the people waiting make a purchase .  So it is hard to guess how long you may have to wait for parts.  Add to that all of the other unpredictable things that happen when you are a one person operation and it becomes impossible to guess when I may have a certain part in stock.  I do not have a set in stone schedule of when a certain part will be made. 
2. Can I pay now and order out of stock parts?
No. I only take payment for parts that I have in stock. You can email me the list of parts you want and I will let you know when they are available to purchase. 
3. Do you ship outside the U.S. ?
Yes. I  ship to Canada almost weekly. I have also shipped to many other countries around the world. If you want a shipping quote outside the U.S. just email me your address and what parts you are interested in and I will let you know if I can ship to you and what the cost will be. 
4. Do you make parts for other vehicles other than Dodge trucks?
I can but I would need to find one to make patterns from first. I would have to charge by the hour to custom make parts that I don't allready sell. 
5. Can I ship my truck to you to have all the metal work done? 
Yes. I do sometimes take in projects to do the metal work for customers who either do not want to do it themselves or can not find a good shop to do it for them. I only take in one at a time though. 
6. If you are so busy why don't you just hire help?
I hand make all of the parts on this website. Nothing is automated. There are just not many people anymore with the skill to make these parts by hand. I also like knowing that when I am done making a part that it is correct. 
7. What thickness is the metal you use?
Most of the body panels are 18 gauge steel. A few of the parts are 16 gauge. I use the same thickness as the factory when possible. 
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