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1961-71 Dodge Truck Disc Brake Conversion, All MOPAR!

by kenny exline on 04/20/14

  I finally was able to take my 68 D100 for a test drive with the new disc brake conversion and it was great! I had a load of drywall in the bed  and the brakes stopped it with no problem. When I still had the factory drum brakes on the front they would get hot and not work very well but the disc brakes I didn't have any problem at all. I used a manual master cylinder for a 77 new Yorker and it bolted up to my original firewall holes and even the original brake lines. I was also able to use the original front brake hoses, so you don't even need to change that. If you wanted power brakes you could upgrade to a power brake booster with no problem. I used 11.75" rotors but if you wanted to use 14" wheels you could use the smaller 11" rotor instead. 


 Here are a couple pictures of the install on my work truck..


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1. Dennis said on 7/9/14 - 08:43AM
I think your kits and parts are awesome! I just acquired a 1969 D100 Sweptline Custom and needed some of the parts and brake conversion just as you have created! Now to get the project started and make the 2015 Hot August Nights show in Reno,NV
2. Rick Marshal said on 10/12/14 - 05:06AM
HI, where can I get this conversion and price? I'm looking for the power booster option a well...thanks!
3. Kenny Exline said on 10/12/14 - 10:37AM
This kit will be available through wayne at www.theramman.com . This was the first kit that we made. I know he has made a couple kits now and is working on some of the details to mass produce them. I will be able to sell the kits when they become available but I do not have a date right now. I have ran mine since spring and they work very well.
4. paul gonzalez said on 3/21/15 - 09:39AM
Cool you have a customer here. Im interested in the disk brake conversion kit, gotta have it. I have a 68 d100 im restoring from the frame up the body is complete and in great shape. The only rust is in the floor pan on the drivers side.ill need to weld in a replacement wen I start the body. Right now im dropin a 5.7 hemi from a 03 ram in it. Ihave trans all the components and engine wire harness and comp.cant wait to drive it somday soon I hope. Anyhelp with this project or tips would be great too. I called and left a message with my phone num.on 3/21/15 if you would call me so I can purchase the disk brake kit that would be great also looking for rear diskbreak kit. thanks, paul
5. kenny exline said on 3/21/15 - 10:09AM
I will not be making the kits myself, I only tested the first one. Wayne at www.theramman.com was going to build the kits. I have not talked with him since fall of 2014. you can give him a call at 817.691.5996
6. DAVID MALDONADO said on 7/17/15 - 09:52PM
7. Zen Katz said on 4/12/16 - 03:53PM
Do you make power disk brake conversions for 1966 w200's?
8. Kyaw Htoo Hlaing said on 2/18/18 - 03:58AM
I also custom disc brake kit to my 1963 D200 in Yangon Myanmar.But it's just Japanese parys.I'd like to get good quality one from USA .So please help me. Thanks
9. Exline Custom Auto said on 2/23/18 - 07:12AM
I do not make any brake parts. Another shop was going to make the parts but i have not heard from them since 2014. Sorry i cant help.
10. David Gibson said on 12/25/18 - 08:28PM
Would this fit a 1966 Dodge Town Wagon?

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