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1961-71 Dodge Truck Disc Brake Conversion, All MOPAR!

by kenny exline on 02/19/14

We have found that rotors and calipers from a 77 newyorker are easily converted to use with the 1961-71 D100 spindle.  I recently came across a for sale listing for a front axle from a 71 D100 Dodge. The owner just purchased the truck and was going to do an independent front suspension conversion and did not need the front axle anymore. Somewhere in the trucks history the front brakes were converted to disc brakes. I purchased the parts and they were really well made. I was not able to find out who actually did the conversion and as far as I can find no company ever offered a conversion that used these same parts. So I completely lucked into this one except for the fact that the post office lost the passenger side spindle and parts, so I only received the  driver side. But with some research I was able to find that the brakes were from a 77 new Yorker and adapted with a simple 1/2" thick plate and a small spacer behind the spindle.

 The brakes work great now and I hope someone starts making them!



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1. Tim Walsh said on 6/11/15 - 10:55AM
did you finish up on the disc brake conversion for the dodge trucks?
2. Kenny Exline said on 6/11/15 - 01:18PM
The original test parts are all that I was able to have made. I have not been able to get anyone to make the the kits, so for now it looks like this project is cancelled.
3. Emily Dunn, Houston TX 9368904419 said on 7/19/15 - 06:50PM
Oh NO! I was so thrilled to see that someone had finally developed a disc conversion kit for my old '68 W100 Power Wagon...but now the brakes have been applied to the project, so to speak...please keep my contact info and notify me if anything changes because I'll be FIRST in line at checkout!!!
4. Kenny Exline said on 7/19/15 - 07:30PM
I just today emailed the shop that was going to make the conversion parts. hopefully I will get some good news from them.
5. Scott V said on 8/15/15 - 11:09AM
Any word on this. I am looking for a fix as drum I had for front 2wd d200 is hosed and can not find new so I need to go to disk...

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