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Dodge truck rocker panel assembly 61-71
complete  rocker   
heavy 18 gauge steel, includes step area with 3 beads and outer rocker also includes the inner rocker

1961-71 Sweptline Dodge truck repair panels
Kick Panel    
 With fender bolt access hole.

Lower door post patch  
With threaded bolt holes

 We can make many custom and factory style panels for street rods,muscle cars and customs. We also can modify your factory parts including choping, channeling, sectioning. We make custom stainless mufflers, exhaust tips and headers. We are able to stamp 6 1/2 foot bed bottoms and bed sides. 
Dodge truck rocker panel patch 1961-71
Outer Rocker Patch   
18 Ga steel
Inner Rocker Panel 
goes behind step area as a brace
D/W 100-200 Floor Pan  

With cab mount dimple and 2 flat beads. Has all the bends as original and same thickness as original. 

Dodge truck inner door post brace 1961-71
Inner Door Hinge Post Brace 
 All parts are hand made  in the USA on our own tooling with patterns made from rust free original parts.   Some panels may require trimming  to install. Our panels are made as close to original thickness and dimensions as possible. 
  We continue to add to our list of  body parts for these trucks. All Sweptline parts are made with   18ga (.047)  or 16 ga (.059) sheet metal not the thinner 20 ga (.035) others use These parts are the best aftermarket parts available for your 61-71 Dodge Pickup and no effort has been spared in making each piece as correct as possible.
  With questions or to Order by phone call 717-573-2811 M-F 8am-6pm est or online.24 hrs. Visa and Mastercard accepted. also available some saturdays and evenings. 
Bed bottom
6' or 8'
Floor pan patch
18 Ga  
  use to repair rust  in floor pan around cab mount  bolt.
Dodge truck floor pan patch 1961-71
Rocker with inner rocker, comes unattached for easier installation
Cab mount end plate
 18 Ga     
Cab mount assembly comes with end plate and cab mount bracket

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$828 pair
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$200 pair
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$31 each
In stock 
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To order by phone, 717-573-2811
Dodge truck inner rocker panel 1961-71
dodge truck floor pan kit 61-71
New floor pan, complete rocker, inner rocker  and cab mount assembly ships unassembled 
Kick panel lower patch. 
floor kit with regular floor pans, cab mouts, rockers and inner rockers.
floor kit with regular floor pans, cab mouts, rockers and inner rockers.
floor kit with long floor pans, cab mouts, rockers and inner rockers.
long floor pan kit
long floor pan kit
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in stock
Bed bottom 6'  $596
Bed bottom 8'  $ 618
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In stock 
Cab corner
18 Ga made from 2 pieces and welded together
will require minor body work to smooth out
Dodge pickup truck cowl panel patch 1961-71
Cowl Patch 18 Ga
 Goes from the  top of fender to above the body line 6"
Long Floor Pan
Correct for the D/W100-200 trucks. Will fit the  D/W 300 and larger trucks if the lip for the transmission tunnel is trimmed off. Covers area from the firewall to the rear of the cab . Same thickness as original.
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dodge pickup kick panel patch 1961-71
Bottom Kit  $1569
with short floor pans

lower door skin
Covers bottom 10" of door,  18 Ga steel
save $
Bed corner
1961-65 or
This patch covers the bottom 7"  under the tail light. made of 18 Ga
Bed side rear patch
This patch covers the area from the rear wheel well to the end of the bed side. made of 18Ga
Select 8 or 6 foot bed side.
Bottom Kit  $1667
 with long floor pans

 Bed bottoms are 18Ga steel , the ribs are not exactly the same shape as original. We  cut  them in 2 pieces to  make shipping easier you will need to weld the 2 pieces together in the middle. If you want it in one piece you can pick it up or arrange freight shipping. 
 we can also stamp custom size pieces up to 6  feet long .
Firewall Cowl  Patch
18 Ga steel replaces rust at cowl area on firewall.
Shipping is calculated for the  lower 48  U.S. states  only, please call or email for shipping to other locations.
out of stock
$96 pair
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In stock 
out of stock $222 pair

Bed Parts

Door Parts
Hood Parts
Hood front edge patch 1968-71
Will  include left and right sides
In stock 
Carpet Trim  304 stainless, polished, you will need to drill the mounting holes.
Firewall Cowl Patch Extension
 Extends from hood hinge  area inward
out of stock
Tailgate late 1965 -71
Dodge pickup truck tailgate 1961-71
Made from 18Ga steel , the factory used 16Ga so this is a little lighter but still heavier than most new truck tailgates this is the same thickness as the original floor pans.It has all of the holes drilled ready for your original hardware.  Does not have the letters Dodge across the back.  we can graft in an original middle section with the dodge letters if you have one to send to us.
1965-71 late tailgate  $1021
1961-65 early Tailgate  $1021

Outer Door Skin
Outer door skins for 61-71 Dodge trucks. made of 18Ga steel , same as original. includes outer door skin except for the area around the vent window.  Early skins use the refrigerator door style handle, late style uses the push button handle.
Lower door shell patch
out of stock $310 pair
Bed side front patch
This patch covers the area from the front of the bed to the wheel well, at the bottom of the bed side.. 18Ga
out of stock $222 pair
Rocker/Step patch
 Heavy 18 gauge steel, includes the outer rocker and bottom of the step area with 3 beads pressed in.
Hood front edge patch 1961-67
 Will include 3 pieces to cover front edge.
In stock 
    Front Door,  $802 pair
early style handle door skin
back side of new door skin
This is where the new door skin is spliced into the old around the wing glass area. this one is allready spliced and welded then ground smooth.
Crew cab rear door skin
Club cab rear door,  $802 pair
Will repair rust on the inside door shell around the bottom of the door. 
Crew cab door shell patch
patch for rear door of club cab
out of stock $246 pair
Dodge truck crew cab rocker panel assembly 61-71
Crew cab rear rocker
heavy 18 gauge steel, includes step area with 3 beads and outer rocker also includes the inner rocker
out of stock 
$732 pair
Smooth Rear Roll Pan  late 1965-71
18Ga steel custom rear roll pan , weld in or attach with screws.

Exline Custom Auto is a one person operation and all parts are made by hand one at a time. 
Cowl corner bottom
This panel fits under the cowl and connects to the inner door hinge post brace shown above, it is visible if you look up from the front wheel well.
Sweptline dodge truck cowl corner bottom 1961-71
out of stock $94 pair 

Bed bottom with corners
6'   $742

8'   $764
Complete Door Skin
Complete door skins for 61-71 Dodge trucks. made of 18Ga steel , same as original. includes complete door skin including the area around the vent window. Early skins use the refrigerator door style handle, late style uses the push button handle.
Dodge truck door skin 1961-71
Complete front skin,  $1124 pair
Tailgate  1961- early 65
Tailgate hinge comes with new bolts and lock washers

 $118 pair
late 1965-1971
Step bumper     late 1965-71
heavy duty just like the original. May fit the early style 1961-65 bed if the corners of the step top are trimmed. Has not been tested on early bed.
1961-71 Mirror arms   
These mirror arms are made of mild steel and will need painted.   You can use any aftermarket or original mirror head that mounts with a stud. Comes with bolts.
​out of stock $312  pair

Door window visor  
These are made of either mild steel or polished 304 stainless and will attach with 2 screws. You will need to drill 2 holes in your door to attach them.
polished 304 stainless
Dodge truck mirror arm pedestal 1961-71
1961-71 Stainless Mirror arms
 same as above but made of Polished 304 stainless so they will never rust! Comes with polished stainless bolts. 
out of stock $248 pair
Tailgate hinge bolts and washers set of 4
bolts  $8
In stock 
Easy off hinge conversion kit 
Convert your tailgate to an easy off tailgate with this kit. It allows you to remove your tailgate with out removing the tailgate hinge bolts. You will need to cut a small slot at the bottom to allow it  to slide over the stud that bolts to your bed side and weld the new bushing into your tailgate where the pivot is.
out of stock 
Cab mount bracket   16 ga
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Fender Parts
Fender patch  repair rear of the front fender
Dodge sweptline truck fender patch 1961-71
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     $164 pair
Bed front panel 

out of stock 
Cowl repair kit
includes inner door hinge post brace, cowl corner bottom, cowl patch, firewall cowl patch. This will repair typical rust at the corner of the cab. 
Mirror backing plate . This plate goes on the inside of the door behind the mirror and has threaded nuts welded on. You will need this on your passenger side door if it never had a mirror attached. The driver side should already have it installed from the factory.
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In stock 
Inside door patch
7"x7"  patch will fix damage on the inside of your door. commonly from an aftermarket speaker install. 
In stock 
Carpet Trim ,  Made from mild steel. these can be painted or powder coated.  You will need to drill the mounting holes. 
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In stock 
Sweptline Dodge truck crew cab floor pan 1961-71
Crew Cab Rear Floor Pan
Covers same area as original floor pan. Same thickness as original.
out of stock $362 pair
Dodge truck crew cab floor pan kit 61-71
Crew Cab  Bottom Kit
Kit comes with 4 compete rockers with inner rockers, 4 foor pans, 6 crew cab specific  rocker braces,and front cab mount assemblies.
Crew Cab Rocker Brace Set
Dodge truck crew cab rocker brace kit
out of stock $348 pair
Dodge truck kick panel 1961-71
In stock Call to order

out of stock 
 D/W 300 & up Floor Pan

These are correct for the D/W 300 and larger trucks. With cab mount dimple and 2 flat beads. Has all the bends as original and same thickness as original.
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In stock 
Rocker to cab filler panel
This fits between the rear of the rocker and the cab. Made of 18ga like the original. 
Smooth Rear Roll Pan 1961-early 65
This custom roll pan will require you to replace the bottom of your bed corners , below your taillights, with these new smooth pieces. These parts are made to be welded on. Made of 18ga steel.
Repairs rust in the area just under the door.  Regular cab or crew cab available.
out of stock $388 pair
out of stock.
out  of stock
out of stock $506
out of stock 
out of stock
$452 pair
Temporarily unavailable
out of stock 
out of stock 
Temporarily unavailable 

out of stock 
out of stock
$596 pair (8 pieces)
Cab bottom kit
Door bottom 
Complete bottom 6 inches of the door.  18Ga steel
out of stock $516 pair
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$31 each
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$218 pair
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$496 pair
$188 pair 
$238 pair
$348 pair
$228 pair
$120 pair
$194 pair
Sold out may 16th 
Sold out may 16th 
$208 pair
$218 pair