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1968 Dodge Truck floor pan, rocker and cab mount replacement

by kenny exline on 12/12/13

  The project truck is a 68 D100 Dodge that I purchased from the original owner several years ago. It was a farm truck  and in fair drivable condition but at some point had some patch work done, mostly with fiberglass over the rust. All that did was make it rust more under the fiberglass. So I will be cutting all of this out. At this point I am replacing the passenger side floor pan, rocker and cab mount assembly.

 The rocker step was covered with a layer of fiberglass and painted over. Once I cut it open I found that the inner rocker was full of rust and mud. I ended up cutting out all of the original rocker, inner rocker , cab mount assembly and front floor pan section. Before I cut anything apart, I took measurements of the door opening and adjusted the door to fit and set the cab level on the frame. The door needs to be adjusted so that when you replace the rocker it will line up with the door like it is supposed to.  Once the new rocker, cab mounts and floor is welded in place, it is too late to change anything if doesn't fit. The cab and mounts tend to sag after several years of rusting so this is an important step.

 After taking measurements and bracing the cab to set level, I first cut out the rocker panel. Then I lay the new floor section in place and trace it around the edges and trim the old floor about 3/16 inside of the line. Next I checked the new floor again and started trimming the edges to but together. I still have the old cab mount brackets to cut off and some rust to deal with before installing the new sheet metal, but its a start! 





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1. noemdfan said on 2/11/14 - 11:51AM
Way back when I built my Sweptline Dodge, NONE of this stuff was available. If you wanted something, you needed to find "decent used sheetmetal (preferrably from the great plains or the desert southwest)" and have it reworked. With the parts that are available now, buying a truck with a rusted cab (floor pans, rockers and cab mounts) or a tailgatethat's "not right" is no longer a problem. While I sold off my old Sweptline (1970 LWB), maybe it's time to get another one!

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